The happenings of Kellan

The title says it all, this post is all about Kellan.

Kellan with the owner of one of our favorite Italian restaurant in Little Italy. 

Our little monkey

future drummer

Kellan LOVES pasta 
and plums...

and going to walmart...

but especially traveling with monk-monk
Kellan loved going out on the tube! Next summer we'll teach him how to kneeboard. :)

Kellan has his own can of whipped cream haha 

Kellan and I should be embarrassed with how many ice cream cones we had this past summer, but we're not. Totally worth it. 

We had a nice trip to Gettysburg with Nana and uncle John and Kellan LOVED running around the fields and climbing on the cannons. 

Kellan was loving the hotel perks as well

Kellan discovered his love for raspberries this summer-he couldn't get enough of them! 

Kellan and Charles

Kellan and the first of many pumpkins this fall 

I decided to put some gel in Kellan's hair...not my favorite, but I love his curls! 

Kellan has mastered the art of climbing...just not getting down. 

Till next time! 

A great day at the park!

So I just found this draft from a bazillion years ago-totally worth the wait. 

Sorry for the picture overload, but I just can't get over how juicy Beef has been today. I feel like his personality is really starting to show these past few weeks and I can't get over how much I love him more each day! 

Today, Kellan and I went to the park. Grandpa Bryan took a break and joined us and we played on the swings, the slide, and got some ice cream afterwards. It was so much fun and was a perfect day!

look at that concentration from kellan haha

To top the day off, Kellan had his first ice cream cone! He couldn't get enough, and it suddenly became the B E S T day ever!!!